Why use FCB

We have worked in the construction industry in Ireland for many years and have been surprised at the lack of joined up services provided by contractors and the resulting extended timelines and costs to complete what should be a simple project for customers.

We have seen simple bathroom renovation projects take up to 4 weeks that could actually be carried out in 1 week with most of the lost time being as a result of lack of co-ordination and co-operation between the different trades required to carry out such a project.

Even on a simple project like the one mentioned above there is often a requirement for up to six specialist skill sets, Plumber, Plasterer, Electrician, Carpenter, Tiler and Painter along with a good project manager or foreman to co-ordinate supplies and materials, waste disposal etc. If the services of any specialist trade involved is not available when required there is a knock on effect for all parties involved in the job resulting in unnecessary delays and additional costs.

We decided that the only way to provide all these services in a timely coordinated manner would be to directly employ and control the work schedules of specialist construction personnel in all aspects of the construction and renovation industry.

This approach enables us to guarantee the availability of the required trades personnel exactly when required and frequently have them work alongside each other as colleagues with a joint goal, to achieve a completed project rather than, as in the case when you directly sub contract individual trades personnel, each trade having a singular goal of completing their aspect of the project.

Please see below a list of the specialist trades services we employ directly and can provide to complete your required project, these services can be selected to provide services to your project on a selective and individual basis or as a completely managed crew, under our management.



- General Building Contractor

- Block Laying

- Plastering

- Skimming

- Lime Plastering/Rendering

- Carpentry

- Painting

- Tiling

- Paving/Decking

- External insulation

- Conservation services